Saturday, July 31

The Movie "The Kid's Are Alright!"

There has been a lot of conversation going on about this movie, and there are some comments being made that just disturb the heck out of me. I think there are a few things that lesbians need to remember if/when they go to see this movie:

1. It’s just a movie! It’s a Hollywood construct, it’s make-believe, it’s a STORY that someone wrote, someone who was most assuredly straight, and even more assuredly MALE. This is the opinion of some scriptwriter somewhere who probably masturbates just thinking about 2 women in bed together. Why are we so stressed out about the opinion of some homophobic straight man? How does it affect us? So what if he portrayed the straight sex as hotter? If we had written it wouldn’t we have portrayed the lesbian sex as the better of the two?
2. We go to a movie to be entertained. If every time we go to a movie or watch a television program which has lesbians in it we dissect it and pick it apart, how are we going to enjoy it? I certainly don’t want to spend all the money a movie costs these days and go to a movie, only to have the only part that stands out in my head be the part with the lesbians. I want to either say “Wow, that was a good movie.” or “Damn, that was a rotten movie.” Then if I want to add something like “They coulda made the lesbian sex a little hotter.” fine, I’ll add it, but at least I’ll gotten something out of the whole movie.
3. We have come such a loooong way from where we used to be; how long ago was it that you never ever saw or even heard anything at all mentioned about homosexuals in the movies? And if you did hear anything it was always derogatory. It was usually about flaming queens or stone butches, and they were always portrayed in either over the top flamboyant roles, or gritty, motorcycle mama type roles. When did you ever hear of a movie with two normal looking women, in a relationship, with a family? Now we have it, and instead of saying “It’s about time; although they could have done it differently” we’re dissecting the movie, comparing the differences in the sex scenes!
4. Different people have different tastes in porno, and what turns them on. So what if they were watching gay males? I personally am turned on watching two men, and at one time had a lover who also was; we had two gay friends who’d let us watch them and we’d be so hot we probably would have burnt the covers if someone tried to put them over us!! Who cares about what they were watching? Why do you care? So it’s not what you’d watch, when you see a straight couple in a movie watching hetero sex do you denigrate the entire movie because they weren’t watching what you would have wanted them to watch, or doing what you would have wanted them to do in bed?
5. Most straight males have no idea what we do in bed, other than the basic muff-diving and toy-playing. How would you have wanted the filmmaker to portray either of those in an R movie? As a matter of fact, while we are a lot further than we were, we still are not to the point of total enlightenment in this society; to portray the two women the way women actually behave is still a taboo subject, and would probably have gotten the movie a much higher rating if not shelved entirely. I think that would have been a shame, since from what I’ve heard, this was actually a good movie. (No, I haven’t seen it.)
All I’m trying to say is, ladies stop being so hard on the movie. If it was a documentary and was supposed to be a true story representing true people, then it would be something to get so up in arms about, but come on, give it a rest, it’s just a movie! I think a lot of you need to stop going to movies with any hint of lesbianism in them and zeroing on that! No, most of the time they don’t get it right, but at least they are portraying us now! One day they will actually get it right, just like they finally stopped portraying blacks as mammies and shuffling “yes ma’am, yes suh” servants.