Saturday, May 2

Is A Time Coming When Racism Won't Mean Black vs White?

Have you ever noticed the bumper sticker that HRC puts out, the blue square with yellow bars running through it? It looks like this:
HRC Equality Sticker

 A couple of years ago I started seeing this:
'Thin Blue Line' Sticker
It's called "the thin blue line", and supposedly it means support for the police department from those related to it or friends of it. Actually, based on what I've seen and heard (and this is totally my opinion!) it is also being used as a means of identifying themselves to each other, in order to curry a favor, or to receive 'professional courtesy' ...

They took a symbol that for YEARS has meant Equal Rights for Everyone, and turned it into a symbol for their systematic disregard for the law, (getting other officers to turn a blind eye when they're speeding, driving drunk, or worse) as well as a symbol of the "blue wall" that investigators run into when they try to get the truth about one officer from another. Cops don't tell on other cops, regardless of the cop's crime...

So, what does this bumper sticker have to do with the color of racism you may ask? Only this:  the cheerful colors of the HRC emblem have been turned into something dark and menacing, just as the meaning of the bright blue of a policeman's uniform has undergone a transition from "the policeman is your friend' to "the cop will shoot you dead".

 In recent times we've begun to see that racism has undergone a similar change. Instead of the centuries-old picture of black against white, we're now seeing a pattern of officers against citizens, and it's mainly against black citizens. In my opinion it's been going on for quite a while, it's just that we are only now seeing how brutal and widespread it really is, thanks to cell phone cameras and social media. There have always been cases of young black men dying suspiciously in police custody, or even before they were in custody, but people were afraid to speak out before. Now they can back up what they say with video proof, and they can even do it anonymously, so now we hear about all the cases that had previously been hidden behind that blue wall. 

We're heading for a time when racial prejudice will be a lot lower on the list of society's issues; IMO it will never be eradicated completely, because there will always be one group that hates another. If something isn't done soon though, IMO homelessness, AIDS, cancer and a lot of other 'hot button topics' of today will be eclipsed by the terror squad the police department is becoming. They will have more power than the old Mafia families, and will be just as ruthless (if not more, since they are supposed to be the law!). 

The world, it is a-changin....