Thursday, March 21

From a Mother to the Man Who Chased Her Son Out of the Men's Bathroom

I have a couple of questions about this one. Like 1. How old is the child? 2. How did the man know that the child was in there alone, and that his parent wasn't in one of the stalls? I mean, can you imagine yourself starting a conversation with a child in the rest room? I think by the time you asked if a parent was in there the child would have been high-tailing it out the door! 3. He claimed that the child saw his private parts exposed; what the heck was he doing in there to be in that kind of position? I believe that something happened in that bathroom, I'm not saying that it's not true; I'm just have serious questions about it. After all, after the incident where the man beat up the female army reservist in front of her child and witnesses, anything's possible!!

Mom Scolds Man Chasing Her Son Out Of Men’s Bathroom

Tuesday, March 19

Is This the Result of Treating Children Like 'Adults'?

I think so. I believe that this is what happens when you tell people they cannot discipline their children, when you give children the ability to send their parents (who love them and are trying to teach them right from wrong) to jail, when it is the child who has done wrong. IMO, when this 'young man' was a child if he'd been properly brought up, the chances of him doing something like this would have been greatly lowered. I know that there is always a possibility with a child that no matter what you do they are going to just go 'bad', but in earlier times children did not grow up to kill their fellow classmates, they did not get on public transportation and loudly curse at each other and at other people. Society was not frightened of it's younger members as it is now. Even those in positions of authority and others  (teachers, school guidance counselors, bus drivers, store clerks) are frightened to say anything to these children; either for fear of physical retaliation or for fear of police action. 

He may have been 17, but he is still a child. From the time he was old enough to know what buttons to push on the computer he should have been monitored closely, and if he did something that seemed untoward (which I'm sure he did, this could not have been the first time!) he should have been rigorously disciplined. Who knows where his attraction for  pornographic images and sites might end? As a matter of fact, how was he even able to pull this off without anyone in his family having any inkling of it? I'll tell you how; when/if they tried to see what he was doing he pushed them away and they went. He was almost an adult after all....

Teen Hacker Facing Porn Charges

By Kevin Rowson, WXIA News
March 19, 2013 Updated Mar 18, 2013 at 6:55 PM PDT
  (WXIA) An Acworth, Georgia teenager has been charged with distributing child pornography.
Michael William Cook, 17, was arrested on eight counts of cruelty to children and one count of sexually exploiting children.

Sgt. Pierce said Cook hacked into the victims cell phones by sending text messages to his victims from a company called "Maxi Focus Photography". When the victims responded to the texts it installed malware on their phone. Pierce said it essentially gave Cook access to all the information on their phones.
Sgt. Pierce said the sexually explicit photos were on the victim's phones. "He took the pictures out of there and sent them to pornographic web sites," he said.
For more information, see 11Alive story click here!

Sunday, March 17

Will Anyone Get It Right About Using the N-Word?

    Of course it's just my opinion, my sense of 'right', but it seems to just make so much sense; if you don't make a big deal about something, no one can use it to hurt you anymore! Instead, it's 'that group shouldn't use that word' and 'it's okay for that group to use this word'.. To my way of thinking, either NO ONE uses it, or EVERYONE does! How does it make sense to anyone that a person from one group can say a particular word and not only not get lambasted for it but there are people defending its usage, but another group says it and not only are there loud complaints but this person stands to lose their job, their career, and their standing in their community? Come on people, this is A WORD; a 2 dimensional word formed from tiles on a Scrabble board for goodness sakes! Something that you can just as easily make disappear by just a wave of your hand across the board. It means no more than that, unless you allow it to.  Of course, everyone has their own opinion:

The Pledge: Never use the n-word again

From the May 10, 2010 



 Myrlie Evers-Williams knows the pain of the n-word.She heard it hurled many times in hate at her husband, Medgar Evers, before a Klansman shot him in the back on June 12, 1963. She and her three children ran outside to see him gasping and covered in blood before he died.   

     Her husband’s killer, Byron De La Beckwith, walked free in 1964. Thirty years later, Beckwith went on trial again. Several witnesses testified that Beckwith bragged to them later about killing "that n-----," Medgar Evers. This time, a jury convicted Beckwith, and he was sentenced to life in prison, where he died in 2001.

      Some white Americans use the racial epithet, but it's African Americans' use of the word that bothers Evers-Williams more. 

"They don't realize the historical shame of that word," she said. "It is not some term to toss to a buddy of yours." Some young African-African {sic} men have told her they use the n-word among themselves, said the 77-year-old chairman emeritus of the national NAACP. "They say, 'Well, I call my brother that. It's a loving term.' "

"That's no loving term — not unless you are ready to fight. For those of our generation, it is the most unpalatable word you can say."

      Even though the word has been popularized in some songs, African Americans should never speak the word, she said. "That bothers me more than a Caucasian using it. It is racist. It is hateful. It is everything it was meant to be." She challenged all Americans to stop using the n-word.