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Well, it would appear that the attitude cops now have about being better than anyone else isn't only held twward young black street kids. Anyone who opposes them is fair game!

 Former Buffalo Cop Fights For Pension After Exposing Brutality

Cariol Horne 19 year veteran

In 2006, Cariol Horne was a 19-year Buffalo police department veteran. She rushed to assist another officer on a domestic violence call. When she arrived, she was shocked to see another officer abusing the suspect and what happened next changed her life forever. The suspect was already cuffed, but that didn't stop the arresting officer from attacking:
"He was handcuffed in the front and he was sideways and being punched in the face by Gregory Kwiatkowski," explained Horne.
That was just the beginning:
"Gregory Kwiatkowski turned Neal Mack around and started choking him. So then I'm like, 'Greg! You're choking him,' because I thought whatever happened in the house he was still upset about so when he didn't stop choking him I just grabbed his arm from around Neal Mack's neck," said Horne.
From there, Officer Kwiatkowkski turned his attention to Cariol Horne:
"He comes up and punches me in the face and I had to have my bridge replaced," said Horne.
Cariol Horne was fired and denied her pension after a 19-year career. She's lost every appeal and her case is now being reviewed by the City of Buffalo Common Council.
As for Officer Kwiatkowkski?
Officer Kwiatkowski was forced to retire from the police department after he was suspended for choking another officer on the job, and in a separate incident, punching another officer when he was off the clock.
In May 2014, Kwiatowkski and two other officers were indicted on federal civil rights violations against black teen suspects.
Kwiatowkski is accused of holding down one of the teens and shooting him with a BB gun. 

Let's hope the City of Buffalo Common Council does the right thing and restores Cariol Horne's full pension.

You can learn more and see WKBW's interview with Cariol Horne here.

Tuesday, December 23

Perhaps This is Why They Don't Want Cameras?


A lot of people (myself included) wonder why on earth the police departments of this country would NOT want to use lapel cams or other means of filming each encounter they have with an alleged criminal. It seems like it would put a halt to all of this debate about whether or not people, especially black males, are being 'profiled' or 'targeted', and we would no longer have these major protests and demonstrations going on all over the country. Perhaps this is one reason:

     A New Mexico police officer was wearing a lapel camera which was filming as the officer entered a vacant apartment on an upper floor of the building. As he entered he appears to stumble, and as he explains "I fell down, and I guess my trigger finger went down at the same time."  (NBC News Channel Video, 0:26 seconds in)

     Back to my statement that perhaps this is one reason why police departments are loathe to adopt personal cameras on their uniforms, let's indulge in a moment of supposition. Two officers, partners, go into an empty apartment ostensibly looking for someone they are chasing. One officer stumbles, falls, gun goes off, shooting and killing someone in the apartment downstairs who, coincidentally(?) happens to be a drug dealer in the neighborhood that was suspected of killing a police officer, but has not been charged because of the usual stuff, witnesses against him who either recant or disappear, evidence in police custody which is somehow damaged or stolen, etc. (If you've watched any of the crime shows on television in the last 10 years you know exactly what I'm talking about! lol) Now, although to some that would seem a wild and completely farfetched, out of the realm of possibility theory, actually it isn't; after all, I came up with it, right? So these two cops (or perhaps only one of them) go into the vacant apartment; through some means (perhaps the second one is outside watching the windows) and he lets the first one know where the occupant is in the apartment. The officer inside then shoots down through the floor into the apartment below, hopefully hitting the occupant. Even if he doesn't kill him though, it could be made to  seem a warning by the police to the dealer. It could be explained away as the accidental discharge of a firearm, case closed. With a lapel cam however, it would be a little more difficult to successfully pull it off, since the lapel cam could not only show the movements of the officer, it could tell what was said at the time. In this video you've got him talking on his radio to other officers, asking about the outcome of the shot; I'm sure the conversation would have gone quite differently if the situation was as I've theorized! This is perhaps  one of the things that police departments are considering when they debate the issue of lapel cams.

     Now I'm not saying that all police departments are harboring 'bad' cops in their midst who might be subject to go off in a fit of rage and beat someone to death while wearing the cam; what I am saying is that cops stick together. They stick up for one another, they 'cover each other's backs', they protect their 'brothers'. If there is any possibility of an officer losing his temper and perhaps bringing a subject 'down' a little too forcefully, they do not want to take any chances that an incident will be recorded, not by one of their own. So we get all these excuses and justifications and rationales for why police departments should not be required to use them, and we get more and more people brutally punched, kicked, beaten, and killed, and more and more officers being acquitted by grand juries. It just seems to me that it would be an easy way for officers to prove their own innocence and their victim's guilt, IF that is the case.  

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Is It Really White Cops vs Black Youth? Or Is It 'Blue Uniforms' Against Black Youth?

     Of course 'Blue Uniforms' is not meant literally, since not all of them wear uniforms; it's just a descriptive phrase that has been used to mean cops for as long as I can remember. (So we're talking half a century here, folks.)
     I have to admit, after reading this story I'm not sure if the world has actually gone this far out of its collective mind, or if there are those who are trying hard to make themselves look innocent by making others look guilty... Somehow it just doesn't seem like it can be true to me, or could it be that I just don't want to believe that in my lifetime I'm actually seeing something like this? Could I just not want to believe that "an officer of the law", a member of those hired "to protect and serve" could yell "Film this then!" after hitting the boy so hard that he was knocked unconscious? Forget the fact that these 'officers' were black; the issue here, IMO, is that these people are supposed to be members of the force that we should be looking to for help, and for protection! We should not have to worry about if we get stopped for a ticket are we going to get tased, or pulled out of the car and beaten up because we didn't answer clearly enough, or quickly enough! To make matters worse, it seems that elderly age,  physical disability, or an inability to understand instructions (non-English speaking), these things make no difference at all.

NYPD Officer Allegedly Knocks Out Cigarette-Smoking Teen

The officer reportedly thought that 17-year-old Marcel Hamer was smoking marijuana.

     A Brooklyn teenager was allegedly knocked out by a New York City police officer for smoking a cigarette, the Brooklyn Paper reports. Video footage captured on a cellphone shows the plainclothes officer punching Marcel Hammer, even as he lay on the ground in a gutter trying to protect his face,    saying, “It’s just a cigarette, sir.” 

     “Do you wanna get f--ked up?” the officer asked the teen.

     “Yeah, get it on film,” the officer says to Marcel’s friends.

      According to the Brooklyn Paper, Marcel was walking home from school with his friends when a police officer emerged from a police van and said Marcel was smoking marijuana. The friends started to run, but Marcel eventually stopped. When the officer caught up with him, he knocked Marcel to the ground, according to the news site.

     The actual blow that rendered the teen unconscious is not fully visible in the footage, but Marcel’s friends can be heard protesting in the background. Soon, according to the paper, another undercover cop comes on the scene, helping the first officer handcuff the seemingly unconscious teen.
The incident, which occurred on June 4, according to the Brooklyn Paper, is reportedly being investigated by the New York City Police Department’s Internal Affairs Bureau.

     According to the boy’s family, the 17-year-old has suffered memory loss, dizziness and headaches ever since the assault. “He is always complaining of headaches, and he cannot remember things,” his mother, Mary Hamer, said. “He used to be pretty sharp, and now I am helping him.”

And so another one is lost.

Monday, December 22

Calling all Web Geeks, (meant affectionally) HELP!!!

     I was perusing the Web the other day, just going from site to site, looking for interesting new items, and I decided to Google this blog. (As I do sometimes when I'm curious as to how it's ranking in the Search results.) Oddly enough, today I came across a few instances of 'Live From Bikini Bottom' that I had never seen before, and they were not just mentions of the Sponge Bob cartoon! Some were obviously places where posts had been shared; some were ranking sites, where the site ranked a lot of sites (it would appear at random) and then published it's findings. One though I couldn't figure out, so I went to it. 
     The name of the site is "Top Alternate". When I clicked on the link, at the top of the page was "Top Alternate" and then a search box. The entire name of this blog (including was in the search box. What followed was a page of the "Top 17 List of alternatives".
    Now, I am pretty well-versed when it comes to different programs and software, but this is a new one on me! What are blog "alternates"??

     Here is the first link on the page: 

Top alternate of

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Pia Glenn on XOJane, Leigh Anne Tuohy on Instagram; What Do They Have In Common?

     IMO, other than both of them using social media to voice their opinions, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. They are polar opposites, and not just in race and color. (Which are two different things, for those who don't know, but I'll leave that for another time.)
     I'm on a bit of a rant here; I read something on a site that I enjoy reading (XOJane), and the person hit the nail right on the head (IMO) on the topic; it's some of the comments that have me breathing hard and ready to spit though! Some of the writers definitely (again, IMO) need to wake up!
     I've been accused of being 'rebellious', 'a troublemaker', someone who is 'always dissecting the things people do', and many other terms and phrases that all mean the same thing: I don't like bullshit, especially when it comes from those who use it to their own slimy ends. You know what I mean, like the smarmy elementary school teacher who says to a black child's mother "I notice that little Jeremiah wears that same t-shirt a lot, so I thought I would mention to you that I am part of a ministry in my church that gathers donations of clothing and gives them out to those who might need them." all the while holding in her hands several shirts that are A. Obviously too small; B. Obviously torn; or C. Obviously for a girl!
     Now, I'm not saying that the woman is wrong exactly; in her head she is doing something nice for someone who is in need. I can't fault a person for that. What I can fault a person for though is not taking the time to think that there could be other reasons why this child comes to school in one particular T-shirt more often than any other. Let's see... A. It has a favorite character on it that the child likes. B. A favorite relative gave it to him so he likes to wear it. C. The child has more than one of that same T-shirt because he likes it so much and it's the easiest thing to get him into in the morning. I guess they are all variations on the same theme, but none of them have anything to do with whether or not the child has enough suitable clothing to get through a week wearing that piece of clothing! For the teacher to assume that because the family is black they are in need of cast-offs from strangers is highly insulting to me, and while I would not 'go off' on the teacher she would probably walk away feeling as if I had!
    Okay, if you're wondering what all that has to do with anything, it was to tell you why I found this debate on XOJane so interesting. Pia Glenn is the author of a post in which she condemns Leigh Anne Tuohy (who you may or may not know is the real-life wife in the white couple who adopted a young black man that later became "a successful NFL offensive tackle" (Pia Glenn, Leigh Anne Tuohy's Latest White Savior Act) Personally, I happen to agree with her. This Great White Savior  attitude that a lot of people have is old, and it's tired. (Just like the "Some of my best friends are black" bullshit.) So, you went over and badgered two young black men into telling you what they were talking about, and then you magnamimously <snicker> gave them three whole dollars to go to a basketball game; SO WHAT??? You obviously didn't do it to help out two young people in need, you did it so that you could post on Instagram how tolerant of others you are, and how you "Don't judge a book by its cover or however you'd like to express the sentiment" (Leigh Anne Tuohy, Instagram, from Leigh Anne Tuohy's Latest White Savior Act) One thing that I do wonder, if it was her friend (and not Tuohy herself) that had the bad attitude, what did she think going over there and posting all over social media about it would accomplish? What did the 'friend' think about the whole thing? Seems to me it would have been more impressive if Tuohy had had the guys come over to where she and her friend were, and then had the conversation! Or was she perhaps subconsciously leaving herself an 'out', so that if her friend was right and the young men were "up to no good", Tuohy wouldn't have to hear "I told you so."? (Of course I don't personally know that it did not happen that way; I did not see the original narrative on any social media outlet, I am only going on what I read in the article I am discussing here. YMMV) All I'm saying is that to me, just as to the author Pia Glenn,  what Tuohy did was extremely offensive, and more white people need to be aware that, while they may be doing something from the goodness of their hearts, it doesn't always come out that way. Take my earlier example of the grammar school teacher. If she'd known the family and known what their circumstances were, and had seen that the child did not appear to have more than one or two outfits, she could have given the mother a gift certificate to a kid's clothing store as a prize for something the child has done. (Helping the teacher, a good score on a paper, etc. To go to a person whose home life you don't know anything about, and offer something obviously cast off because you think they're in need and would be grateful for it can get you seriously hurt in today's society, regardless of how good your intentions are. 
      I don't think I'm racist, though some may disagree, and I don't believe I have an attitude problem. Neither does Pia Glenn, or any of the however many blacks there are today who believe in the existence of The "White Savior Syndrome". There ARE those people who are always going to feel a sense of superiority over those whose skin is darker than theirs, and they will have that feeling as long as there exists in this society the divide that we now have. As long as people can turn on the news everyday and hear about another innocent black child being killed, as long as the national news will run a story everyday for weeks about JonBenet Ramsey but never run a word about Shelbi Lawan Evans (see? I bet you said who? just as I did!) or any of the thousands of other missing black POC, as long as things remain the status quo and we sit back and accept it ("well, it's better than where we were") it's going to continue.
     End of rant. 
     Here's the link to what started me on it in the first place.  

 Leigh Ann Tuohy's Latest White Savior Act Isn't So Great by Pia Glenn on XOJane

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