Wednesday, November 2

This Is What They Think Of Us! Don't Let Them Get Away With It!!

Trump of course is saying that he wants no part of an endorsement from the Klan, but doesn't he believe the same things they do about black people? Haven't we heard him saying derogatory things about blacks in the ghetto, etc.? 
Please,  to all my brothers and sisters, (no matter what color you are) don't let the Klan and Trump get away with this!  Show them that "40s and Weed" will not keep us from going to the polls and making sure that ego-maniacal, women-groping, foul-mouthed Republican does NOT become the leader of this country.

White Nationalists Plan to Suppress Black Voters With ‘40s and Weed’: Report

Amid Donald Trump’s cries that the presidential election is rigged, the KKK and neo-Nazi organizations are reportedly working to suppress the African-American vote.


Members of the Fraternal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in 2009

On Tuesday, The Crusader, a newspaper affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan, endorsed Trump, who allegedly found the endorsement “repulsive.” Now a neo-Nazi leader has told Politico that he and his associates are planning to hand out marijuana and 40-ounce malt liquor in the “ghettos” of Philadelphia to encourage black voters to stay home.
According to Politico, the National Socialist Movement, the Ku Klux Klan and the white nationalist American Freedom Party are monitoring polls amid Trump’s claims that the election is rigged.
“The possibility of violence on or around Election Day is very real,” Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center told Politico. “Donald Trump has been telling his supporters for weeks and weeks and weeks now that they are about to have the election stolen from them by evil forces on behalf of the elites.”
Potok added that intimidating efforts could actually work against Trump.
“If, on the morning of Election Day, it turns out that we have white supremacists standing around looking threatening at polling places, I think it would arouse anger,” he said. “People would vote just to prove they’re not being intimidated by these radical racists.”
But intimidation isn’t the only method Trump supporters plan to use. Apparently all black voters need not to vote is weed and 40s.
“We also have some teams going in to the ghettos in Philly with 40s and weed to give out to the local residents, which we think will lead to more of them staying home. We have had success with this in the past,” wrote an unnamed representative of the right-wing website
Politico added that it could not independently verify the claim that this “method” of black-voter suppression has worked in the past.
Read more at Politico.

Not As Morbid or Tragic As Usual, but Very Serious Nonetheless

When I turned my computer on, and opened my homepage, the first thing I saw was this:

FBI agents knew of Clinton-related emails weeks before director was briefed
Agents investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server knew early this month that new messages had been uncovered that might be relevant to their case. FBI Director James B. Comey, seen here, has said he was told of the development Thursday. 

      With all that we have riding on this election, and the importance of getting  those we know to get out and vote for someone,  are we really concerned with some emails, and policies and procedures??? All of the space that's been used to  vilify Hilary in the newspapers and magazines, all the time  spent on her by TV news anchors and  camera crews, not to mention all the time her opponent, Donald Trump, spends talking about sending her to jail,  and all of it for what?  None of it has anything to do with the issues facing this country today, or explains how either one is planning to solve the problems! IMO, unless they find an email which states something about using the private mail server to hide something (i.e. "Dear So-and-So,  I have something to discuss with you, but first I want to assure you that you don't have to worry about speaking freely. I'm using a private email server,  not my government server." Then I'd say we have something to talk about, something to worry about!  Anybody seen anything like that, or heard anything close to that?And I'm NOT talking about the stuff coming out of the Trump camp or the Republican Party! The answer is a loud, resounding, No!!!

The above was written on Sunday; I wasn't able to finish because something came up.  Now today, (Tuesday) I see this article* on an ABC News website:

FBI agents Investigation Into Hilary Clinton Back On

FBI Director James Comey released a statement today* saying that the FBI is going to continue the previously closed investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails from her time as secretary of state.
"In connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation," Comey wrote in a letter released today.
Comey wrote in the letter that after being briefed on the unrelated case, he agreed, "the FBI should take appropriated investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these emails to determine whether they contain classified information, as well as to assess their importance to our investigation."
Of course the news media is all over this, claiming that the FBI director must have evidence of a crime committed by the Clintons, and that's why they are reopening the investigation. What they have not made clear in these reports is that this is NOT the same investigation as before! As a matter of fact, it is not because of Hilary that the investigation was reopened! 
(* article is from October 29, 2016)
Here's a bit of an article from the New York Times:

Mr. Weiner, who lost his seat in Congress and his mayoral hopes after repeated episodes in which he sent lewd messages to women, is now under federal investigation for allegedly sending sexual messages to a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina. In that inquiry, the F.B.I. this month seized a laptop that contained thousands of messages belonging to Ms. Abedin, a top aide to Mrs. Clinton.

Huma Abedin
The F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, told Congress on Friday that investigators will now review those messages for possible relevance to the Clinton inquiry, news that rattled the Clinton campaign and stung her supporters.
Anthony Weiner
             You can read the entire article here.
Huma Abedin is one of Hilary Clinton's top aides, so close that she has been referred to as Clinton's  "Shadow".  Anthony Weiner's laptop and the investigation into his 'habit'  of sexting women is what has sparked this new topic of debate. As a matter of fact, His latest scandal to become public is his sexting  a 15 year old girl. During the investigation into that, it came out that there were hundreds of emails purportedly from Clinton's private server.

To me, this is nothing but another attempt to discredit Clinton and thwart her at the polls.  He has already said that she would not be charged, and the whole thing was squashed.  Even if this were a legitimate attempt to find wrongdoing, why was it so important to announce it now, before even completing the review of the emails? At this point they have no idea if there is anything in those emails that could possibly be incriminating to Clinton, so why the rush?

One thing I'm really curious about, why has the FBI  neglected to mention anything about Trump's alleged connections to an alleged Russian plot to usurp our election?

FBI agents  A Veteran Spy  Has Given the FBI Information Alleging 
Russian Operation to Cultivate Donald Trump 
From an article in  Mother Jones::
On Sunday, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid upped the ante. He sent Comey a fiery letter    saying the FBI chief may have broken the law and pointed to a potentially greater controversy: "In my communications with you and other top officials in the national security community, it has become clear that you possess explosive information about close ties and coordination between Donald Trump, his top advisors{sic}, and the Russian government…The public has a right to know this information."

(You can read the entire article here.)

Why hasn't that been mentioned? Why hasn't the FBI Director made a big  announcement, or written a letter about that? 

This election has been the worst I have seen in the 39 years I've been of voting age.  It is the perfect example of  dirty campaigns run in dark backrooms by men in dark suits hunched over a table smoking cigars and glaring at each other as they gesticulate wildly. These campaigns have fit the stereotype that you always see on television and in movies, where someone is paid off to do something dirty and underhanded. It's  beginning to seem as if there is no reason to vote, not for these two candidates  at least.

There ARE OTHER CANDIDATES though! You don't have to settle for one of the big two, please get out  and vote for someone! Don't  let the Republicans  undo all the work that Obama has done!