Wednesday, August 2

Did He Really Say That In Public??

I wasn't going to say anything about this; I was going to just let it slide, but the more I thought about it, the bigger the knot in my stomach grew.

Supposedly,  #hesnotmypresident Donald Trump is all about patriotism and loyalty to America and good old Christian values. I've heard it said that one of the big reasons a lot of white lower and lower middle class  Bible-thumpers voted for him was because they thought he would bring America back to what they consider the good old days, when beating up 'nigras' was thought of as entertainment just like dog and cock fighting.  The days when anyone who thought we shouldn't have been in Vietnam  was subject to being lynched for committing treason,  when boys didn't let their hair grow below their collars,  and the very thought of having gays and transgenders serving openly in the US Military was enough to make "Good Old General Hardass" toss his cookies and swoon.

Well, I don't see any of that happening anytime soon (even though he did make an effort by "taking   back" allowing transgenders to serve openly) so evidently he wasn't as gung ho about that platform as he was about what I believe to be his goal, erasing every single thing that Obama put into place. IMO, he just wants to wipe the Obama Administration off the books, (or perhaps put an asterisk beside it? LOL) and now he's trying again to ridicule the Obama family.

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Report: Trump called White House a 'dump' to NJ golf club

President Donald Trump has told members of his New Jersey golf club that he spends so much time away from Washington because the White House is a "real dump."

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the account, which appeared in a lengthy article posted on the website The story on Trump's complicated love for golf also appears in Sports Illustrated magazine.

The story recounts a scene in which Trump was chatting with some club members. Trump told the members he makes such frequent appearances at the property in Bedminster, New Jersey, because: "That White House is a real dump."

Trump has spent nearly every weekend of his presidency visiting various properties he owns and leases, including Bedminster.

Okay, I can hear the catcalls and the derision just as loudly as if you were sitting here next to me at the computer.  I know, it's a stretch, but we're talking about a man here who has been in the business of making money by any means necessary for longer than some of us are old! Every con that there is I'm sure he's done, and that includes long-term cons that require more patience than a black widow waiting for her latest husband to die! None of the big guns that Trump has fired have panned out (like the birther issue, the wiretapping issue, etc.) so why not pull out the stops and just pile up all the stuff they can find? Knowing that everything he says gets reported to somebody in journalism, what other reason could he have to make that statement in public? IMO, to ridicule #hesstillmyPresident Barack Obama. I mean the Obama family lived in that house for 8 years and you didn't hear any complaints about it, now he comes in and says it's a dump; and when someone says "Well the Obamas never said anything like that and they were there for 8 years.... "Of course it wouldn't be a dump to the Obamas, they don't know any better, you know how those people are." That by itself is no big deal, but if you stack up everything that he can dig/makeup well.....
Wonder what the next salvo will be?
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